Pros and Cons of Celebrating Christmas Early

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Here at the Province of Canada HQ, our team is in full Christmas hustle. To some, November 1st calls for all things red, green, and gingerbread. To others, the thought is both nauseating and panic-inducing. We recognize the advantages and disadvantages of getting into the Christmas spirit too early, so we brainstormed all possible pros, cons, and compromises.

The Music 🥁

Pro: Otherwise known as Christmas goggles. What was once a dreadful commute to work becomes your favourite activity when Mariah Carey is entertaining it.

Con: Commercial Christmas jingles on the radio ruin the vibe.

Compromise: We curated an alternative Christmas playlist for the citizens: Almost Christmas Vol. II and last year's Almost Christmas Vol. I.

The Cookies 🍪

Pro: It’s obvious.

Con: The sooner you start baking, the snugger your jeans get.

Compromise: Ride the season out in sweatpants with an elastic waistband that accommodate your festive special.

The Tree 🎄

Pro: Appreciate the money, time, and effort spent in decorating the tree as much as you can prior to Christmas Day, because after that, they are just a sad reminder that the holiday is over.

Con: If it’s real pine, you’ll be vacuuming needles all month and opening gifts under a glorified stick.

Compromise: Opt for a faux tree.

The Movies 🍿

Pro: Get that cozy movie night vibe going every day of the month.

Con: Once mid-December rolls around, you'll be stuck with Home Alone III as your only option.

Compromise: Dive into Netflix's holiday selection as early as you want, but save your favourite flick for the end of the month. For us, this means holding off on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation until Christmas Eve.

The Gifts 🎁

Pro: Get the shopping over with, avoid gift wrapping on Christmas Eve, and actually spend time with those you’re buying for.

Con: Is there one?


We could debate the pros and cons all day, but this battle is best left with the citizens. We've taken to the court of public opinion with a poll. What are your thoughts? Early or nah? Tweet @provincecanada with your preference. Bonus points for including a picture of your decorated tree.

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