Province of Canada - Laundry Care

Laundering is an important part in prolonging the life of any clothing. Generally speaking, we always recommend cold water wash with similar colours, hang to dry. For whites, you may wash in warm to hot water, this will help breakdown oils and keep them white without using bleaching products.

We recommend using mild detergents and spot cleaners (such as Sunlight and Spray 'n Wash) and avoid using harsh products like Tide (ie. pods, sticks, stain remover and detergent).

Washed Garment Dyed Products
For our garment dyed items, similar to a dark denim, it is important to wash your garment prior to wearing. Launder separately or always with similar shades, using a mild detergent, cold water and hang to dry.

For spot-cleaning, use a stain removing product that is made for spot cleaning, follow instructions on the bottle but do not rub the garment, simply dab to soak the stained area. Oil stains can be difficult to get rid of as they would with any fabric.

In order to keep the shape of your toque, hang to dry. Do not put in dryer.