Playlist: Almost Christmas Vol. II

Province of Canada - Made in Canada - Playlist - Almost Christmas Vol. II

In the spirit of celebrating Christmas early, we’ve curated Spotify to create the sequel to last year’s Almost Christmas Vol. I with Almost Christmas Vol. II. Among the most notable tracks are George Michael’s classic, ‘Freedom’ and Gord Downie’s ‘Introduce Yerself,’ taken from his final album by the same name.

Went down the Danforth on Christmas Eve
'Cause there is something that I just believe
And I bulleted it permanently
I thought of it so many times that maybe
I walked up to the front door of the
Black Pearl Tattoo Parlour
And I, to put this on my hand forever
For you to see how you have helped me
So when I see you I'll show you my hand
You'll always see the arrow and underneath it sayin'
Introduce yerself
Gord Downie

Just like last year, our goal is to provide unexpected background music that eases you into Christmas. Our hope is that by time December rolls around and you quickly resent the jingle bells and classics, you can return to this alternative mix for good pre-Christmas and pre-New Year vibes.

Kick up your (made in Canada sock-clad) feet, hunker into your midterm study notes, or plug in the aux cord and give it a listen. Merry Christmas, ya filthy citizens.

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