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Province of Canada - Almost Christmas Movies

As a follow-up to Almost Christmas Vol. II, our 2017 Christmas playlist, we’re highlighting alternative programming for your holiday movie binge. True to our philosophy that a crewneck doesn't have to be lumberjack plaid to reflect our country's best, we believe that an authentic Christmas movie is more about the vibe than the tinsel and absurd plots (no disrespect to Hallmark). If you're willing to tamper with tradition, add these three films to your Christmas week plans.

1. Funny Farm (1988)

Province of Canada - Funny FarmPhoto: YouTube

Ever find yourself wishing for a sequel to National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation? We did until we discovered Funny FarmWe all know Chevy Chase as the trendsetting King of Christmas from his iconic role as Clark Griswold, but his role as Andy Farmer is our favourite runner up.

2. Serendipity (2001)

Province of Canada - Serendipity MoviePhoto: Bustle

Some would argue that Love Actually, Elf, and White Christmas are all rom-com's guised as Christmas movies. We're arguing that Serendipity is a Christmas movie guised as a rom-com. Conveniently, the moment when Sara meets Jonathan - otherwise known as the "fortunate accident" - is set during the holidays. If you pieced together the top scenes in the film, you'd find the most picturesque Christmas montage complete with lights, ice-skating, and wool turtlenecks.

3. La La Land (2017)

Province of Canad - La La LandPhoto: CNN

After listening to the soundtrack in full, team Province of Canada decided to go out on a limb and dub "City of Stars" the most Christmas-y, non-Christmas song out there. We know we're not the only ones who feel this way. Kudos to one of our favourite Canadian actors Ryan Gosling for an outstanding performance; a true jack of all trades and master of every single one, if you ask us.

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