6 Canadian Skating Rinks To Visit This Winter

Province of Canada - Lake Louise Skating RinkPhoto: Orange Girl Photography

These are our top recommendations for outdoor skating rinks and trails to visit across Canada this winter. If you're not great on the ice and fear public recreation, ask mom and dad to construct a home-made rink in the backyard. Be sure to pack your made in Canada socks and toque.

The Forks - Winnipeg, MB

Province of Canada - Skating Winnipeg ForksPhoto: Manitoba Hot

When you get dizzy from circling around the Forks canopy, veer off onto the sidewalk trails and down to the Red River or across the ice paved bridge. If you ever need a break from Winnipeg’s sub-arctic temperatures, warm up in any of the wood huts along the rivers edge.

Rideau Canal Skateway - Ottawa, ON

Province of Canada - Rideau Canal SkatingPhoto: CNN

A skating rink so official it has its own website and so long it has its own map. Families and tourists have been frequenting this spot since the 70's. It might be jam packed, but skating on the world's largest rink is something every Canadian should experience. 

Arrowhead Trail - Muskoka, ON

Province of Canada - Arrowhead Trail SkatingPhoto: Huffington Post Canada

A winding ice path in Ontario's cottage country is the ideal destination for a romantic date. For the sake of Ontario citizens, we hope the temperature drops to accommodate, because we can’t imagine anything more dazzling than skating through a forest.

Lake Windermere Whiteway - Columbia Valley, BC

Province of Canada - Fairmont Hot Springs SkatingPhoto: Fairmont

Dubbed the world’s longest skating trail in 2014, The Whiteway is a 30 km stretch of paths and rinks carved out for any hockey player, amateur skater, or cross country skier. If that doesn't convince you to visit, it's canine friendly.

Lake Louise - Banff, AB

Province of Canada - Lake Louise SkatingPhoto: bri-tri

Even more beautiful than Lake Louise’s turquoise blue waters is its winter alter ego, a giant outdoor skating rink blanketed in white snow with a frosted pine border. You may find yourself circling around an ice palace during select times in the season. The only thing missing is a faun and lamp post. 

Old Port - Montréal, QC

Province of Canada - Quebec Skating Old PortPhoto: Québec Original

For a slightly more traditional ice rink destination, lace up at Montréal's Old Port. The only thing more picture-esque than the Natrel Rink is you wearing our Le Canadien or La Canadienne crewneck on the Natrel Rink. 

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