A Restaurant Named Toqué

Province of Canada - Toque Logo

We saw that this Montréal restaurant took second place in Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants 2017 and - for obvious reasons - the name appealed to us. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to nod to a restaurant so visibly Canadian in its name and vibe. Food critics hail this Old Montréal food destination for its ability to capture the best of French Canadian tradition.

Province of Canada - Toque Restaurant

After a single bite it seems suddenly obvious that the best time of the year to visit Toqué! has got to be the autumn

Province of Canada - Toque Restaurant

After recently launching our Province Ribbed Toque collection and noticing Toqué! at the top of the ranks, we thought it would be fitting to dig up the origins of this fall fashion staple and the name that nods to the best of Canadian quirks.

The earliest toque dates back to 16th century France when a “toque blanche” referred to the white pleated hats worn by chefs. The name was later adopted by French-Canadian fur traders for hats worn during winter months and is now affectionately used by Canadians to identify knitted hats, beanies, or whatever else the world calls it.

In a perfect world, a toque is sewn in Canada with 100% cotton and is available in Black, Navy, White, Heather Grey, Ash, Confetti Charcoal, and Confetti Oatmeal.

Province of Canada - Made in Canada


Toqué Restaurant
900 Jean Paul Riopelle Pl.
Montréal, QC

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"It doesn't have to look Canadian to be Canadian."

Julie Brown