The Molson Partnership

If you follow us on Instagram you may have already heard the exciting news. We are proud to be one of three finalists for The Molson Partnership, which gives the winner the potential opportunity to partner with Molson Canadian and receive a $50,000 Partnership Grant.

Province of Canada - The Molson Partnership

Molson Canadian started this campaign with their founder, John Molson in mind. Mr. Molson didn’t just thirst for a better beer, but also a better community and country. He had four core beliefs that drove his journey: others over self, character over reputation, creating a lasting impact, and keeping the legacy going. These are values that Province of Canada are happy to align with.

Since 1786, Molson has always been energized by the innovation, growth and potential of other trailblazers. To celebrate Canadian greatness, Molson has been partnering with other companies whose shared values have helped to create a better community for all.

Province of Canada - The Molson Partnership

We're honoured that Molson has put us in the running to be the next great Canadian brand and we're beyond excited to join them in this historic new partnership initiative.

This year is our 5th anniversary and we feel like we’re just getting started, living out our made in Canada vision. Winning The Molson Partnership would mean we could create more, quality, made in Canada products for you, our citizens. To come out on top and win The Molson Partnership, we need your help. Please support us by liking this post on Instagram and watching and sharing our profile video above.

Thank you citizens for your ongoing support!

— Julie and Jeremy.

Province of Canada - The Molson Partnership Province of Canada - John Molson

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