Good Weekend Co.

Province of Canada - Good Weekend Co.

Did you have a good weekend or a bad one? If it's the latter, you may want to visit Good Weekend Co., the new project by our friends behind @EscapeToronto – their mission is to make every weekend memorable.

We're committed to using our platform to help promote more sustainable and environmentally friendly travel, whether it's teaching our community how to leave less of a footprint on their road trips, or working with conservation organizations to help preserve tourist-heavy landmarks

Province of Canada - Good Weekend Co.

Good Weekend Co. has thoughtfully curated and considered every comment, DM, and email, captured via @EscapeToronto and used that data to fuel a travel platform that feels like your in-the-know friend giving you travel destination tips. A tool that you can trust to filter out the grungy-grandma rentals and tourist traps.

If you're like us you'll start bookmarking the hundreds of accessible, aspirational short-distance getaways in and around Toronto that Good Weekend Co. has discovered (they're planning on expanding to other cities in the future). So yeah, flip that bad weekend into a good one.


Province of Canada - Good Weekend Co.

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