The Founding Story

Province of Canada - Made in Canada - Our Story

Our brand started with just a couple kids from Canada who met in Montreal circa 2005. Julie grew up in a small Québec town and Jeremy in southern Ontario. They shared a love for graphic design and quality textiles, and it wasn’t long after getting married that they decided to quit their jobs and launch a Canadian brand with the goal of manufacturing every product in Canada.

Similar to their marriage origins, there was a time in Canadian history when Upper Canada (Ontario) and Lower Canada (Québec) - merged to form the United Province of Canada. There was something about this name that originated in 1841 that made sense for an all Canadian lifestyle brand; it was both province and country, and paid homage to a time when everyday items were made locally and the citizens valued quality above all else.

In 2014, Province of Canada launched as a tight collection of made in Canada pieces and has since grown into a line of adult, kid, and home textiles all reflecting their vision of what a Canadian brand can look like (or what it doesn't have to look like). The inspiration and concept behind Province of Canada is simple. We've taken what we appreciate most about Canada and presented it through our casual lifestyle lens.

We’re one of the only brands in the world that manufactures every one of their products in Canada. The majority of our cotton is knitted locally and grown sustainably. We ship our online orders in certified compostable packaging and everyday we strive to reduce our environmental footprint.

Made in Canada

There’s a reason you feel reassured when you find a product that reads ‘made in Canada’ on the label. To many, local manufacturing is synonymous with quality and equality, which is why ‘made in Canada’ is the main pillar of our company. Keeping everything made in Canada makes our design studio a second home and our manufacturers our neighbours, and that’s really the most Canadian thing we can think of.

Our Flag

You may have noticed our flag icon in everything we do. Think of it as a toned-down Canadian flag (in the same proportions) that symbolizes our brand's commitment to keeping everything made in Canada.

It could appear in the form of a sewn-in label on a sweatshirt cuff, on a t-shirt, the front of our store or in the form of an actual flag waving on a Canadian beach. Including this little symbol is our way of authenticating the DNA of each Province of Canada piece as 100% designed and manufactured in Canada, and our hope is that the citizens grow to recognize it as our stamp of approval. At the very least, we hope it starts that kind of conversation.

The Canada House

The Canada House is Province of Canada's retreat residence and vacation rental property, located in the heart of Prince Edward County. Thoughtfully designed by the team with modern and minimal design touches. We’ve done our best to create a space that is guest conscience, with approachable luxury in mind. For more information and to book your stay visit

"It doesn't have to look Canadian to be Canadian."

Province of Canada - Made in Canada - Anti-Fast Fashion

Anti-Fast Fashion

The main goal of our brand is to be as sustainable as possible. The anti-fast fashion.

Province of Canada - Made in Canada - Canadian Manufactures

Made in Canada

We don’t compromise on local manufacturing. All of our products are designed and made in Canada.

Province of Canada - Made in Canada - Anti-Fast Fashion

Organic Cotton

When possible, we try our hardest to use 100% organic cotton that is knit in Canada.