Canadian Living – July 17

Province of Canada - Canadian Living - July 2017

Province of Canada - Canadian Living - July 2017

Province of Canada - Canadian Living - July 2017

Thanks to Canadian Living and Julia McEwen for including us in their July issue. The feature listed 20 Canadian brands doing their thing. Proud to be on the list.

Dating back to 1831, before Canada cemented its status as a country, it was often referred to as the province of Canada. When we hear the name now, we think of the tees and sweatshirts from (the brand) Province of Canada that focuses on Canadian-designed, made and manufactured products. It’s a characteristic the brand quite literally wears on its sleeve with the phrase appearing on almost every garment. Only the proudly Canadian need apply.
June 09, 2017

Cityline – February 2017

Thanks to Jessica Mulroney for introducing our French Terry Skinny Sweatpants to Tracy Moore and the Cityline audience. For the full segment visit We're currently restocking our sweatpants, go take a peak and pre-order.

"Province of Canada [sweatpants], my favourite. Great fit, so cozy". – Jessica Mulroney

February 07, 2017

GQ – November 2016

Province of Canada - GQ Magazine

Small mention sure, but we'll take it. Thanks to GQ and Liza for including us in their Black Friday round up. If you didn't know already, the sale is on now and ends Nov. 28th. 20% Off all orders over $100 + Free Shipping. Use code: POC20

November 24, 2016

StyleCaster – July 2016

Province of Canada - StyleCaster

Every time we go to a cottage we throw a pair on these in our bag. 9 times out of 10 we end up wearing them. StyleCaster gets it. Appreciate the feature, we don't want to grow up either. View the gallery on

July 19, 2016

Chatelaine - June 2016

Province of Canada - Chatelaine

Thanks to the folks over at Chatelaine for including our Everything Tote in their 20 cool finds by Canadian designers. Without the tote, you wouldn't be able to carry the other 19.

June 28, 2016

The Globe and Mail – May 2016

Province of Canada - Fort Mac Tee - Globe and Mail

Province of Canada - Fort Mac Tee

Our little Fort Mac Tee project made the news. Special thanks to The Globe and Mail for sharing the story.

May 12, 2016

BuzzFeed – April 2016

Province of Canada - BuzzFeedPut a pin on it. Proud that our little pin made it on BuzzFeed's big list of Adorable Pins Canadians Didn't Know They Needed. Go take a peek at the list, all 15 are worthy of that denim jacket you're wearing. Thanks to Sarah Aspler for throwing our Black and Gold Pin in the mix.


April 27, 2016

LouLou Magazine – December 2015

Province of Canada x Tuck Shop Co. - LouLou Magazine

Need a gift idea for your boy? LouLou has curated a great collection of goodies for your man that just happens to include our Province of Canada x Tuck Shop Co. toque.

December 08, 2015 – November 2015

Our co-founder, Jeremy Watt sat down with Sabrina Smelko of The Q&A gives some insight into our back story and daily life at Province of Canada HQ. Read the full interview at

Since last year, I’ve been following the made-in-Canada lifestyle brand Province of Canada. I may be biased as a Canuck, but there’s something quintessentially comforting and familiar about their product line, but yet it still maintains a high-quality, culturally relevant vibe and aesthetic. And for just about as long as I’ve followed them, I’ve been email-chatting back and forth with Jeremy Watt, the Co-Founder, about their start and what POC is all about, including some banter about Instagram, manufacturing, and Drake.
November 12, 2015

Canadian Living – November 2015

Province of Canada - Canadian Living

Province of Canada - Canadian Living

Province of Canada - Canadian Living

Thanks to Canadian Living and Julia McEwen for including our Lightweight Crewneck in Marble Grey, in their November Issue. Layer up folks, it's getting cold out there! On newsstands and online now.

October 26, 2015

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