West Coast Retreat at Nimmo Bay

Province of Canada - Nimmo Bay ResortPhoto c/o Trevor Morrow

When we came across a photo of Nimmo Bay Resort on Instagram, our first thought was, 'Does this place actually exist?' followed by 'Does this place actually exist...in Canada?' The answer is yes, a floating resort that offers helicopter-assisted excursions is a real place off BC's coast.

If you're looking for a hidden oasis to spend your next getaway, keep it Canada and check out Nimmo Bay. Aside from simply sitting on a quiet dock at the edge of Vancouver Island, Nimmo Bay also offers whale watching, fishing, helicopter tours, and boat tours, among other add-on activities for your stay. To us, the idea of paddle boarding to a buoyant sauna takes 'luxury Canadian experience' to a new level.

Nimmo Bay Reort was originally an an old float house from Gilford Island in Mount Waddington, BC. After refurbishment, it was transported to Nimmo Bay in April 1981 and opened for business that June. The project initially launched with room for eight visitors and quickly grew to accommodate 18.

The tranquil lodging at Nimmo Bay is surrounded by forested hillsides and natural waterfalls only accessible by boat, which attracts those seeking remote eco-tourism on the west coast. Despite its growing popularity, the land remains a seemingly un-touched slice of Canada. A resort that fuses with its surroundings - that's a vacation we can get behind.

Province of Canada - Made in Canada - Nimmo Bay Resort

Province of Canada - Made in Canada - Nimmo Bay Resort

Province of Canada - Made in Canada - Nimmo Bay Resort 

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