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Province of Canada - Letter Hats

We set out to create the best fitting, most comfortable, made in Canada baseball hat. After sampling 22 hats with different structures, fabrics, and detailing, we landed on a six panel design made with super soft, brushed cotton. The final product has that worn in feeling with just the right amount of structure. To complete the look, we included a matching colour strap with a nickel clasp. 

These aren’t $4 made in China, blank baseball caps that we slapped decorations on. They’re made in Canada and designed from scratch, from the fit to the fabric. We made a point to stay away from trends. No dad hats, no flat-brimmed snapbacks. This isn't a hipster doofus hat, we've created a timeless fit that will look great on 99% of heads out there.

Province of Canada - Made in Canada Hat Samples

The collection includes the Patch Hat in five colour ways: Faded Red, Forest Green, Khaki, Navy, and Black. Later in the month, we'll be introducing embroidered Le Canadien and La Canadienne Hats in the same palette. So yeah, we made some baseball hats, but to us, they’re more than just baseball hats.

As much as we love these designs, we knew that we needed hats with more than our logo on them. We wanted our first collection to apply to every Canadian. That motivation led to the Letter and Number designs. By using each letter in the alphabet, we created a custom hat for anyone with a name.

This idea represents our company goal of designing made in Canada products that are Canadian without leaning on Canadian stereotypes. We're convinced that there's nothing more Canadian than a collection that represents every citizen.

Province of Canada - Patch Hats

Hats off to these Canadians

On the product page for each Letter Hat is a Canadian (Queen Elizabeth II is the exception) with a corresponding initial who has made a lasting contribution to our country. We're tipping our hats to them. To save you the trouble, we've listed the honourable mentions below.


A is for Atwood. Margaret Atwood, the mother of Can-lit best known for her award winning novel, The Handmaid’s Tale. Born in Ottawa, ON.


B is for Bieber. Justin Bieber, one of Forbes' Top 10 most powerful celebrities who kickstarted his singing career on Youtube. Born in London, ON.


C is for Carr. Emily Carr, painter and honorary Group of Seven member. Born in Victoria, BC.

C is for Carrey. Jim Carrey, the actor and comedian whose performance in The Truman Show still has you shook. Born in Newmarket, ON.

C is for Cohen. Leonard Cohen, lyricist legend who put Canada on the map with “Hallelujah.” Born in Montréal, QC.


D is for Dion. Celine Dion, the singing legend behind "My Heart Will Go On," which first premiered in James Cameron's film Titanic. Born in Charlemagne, QC.

D is for Downie. Gord Downie, the lead singer of The Tragically Hip and - in our opinion - the first person to make Canada sound cool in song. Born in Kingston, ON.

D is for Drake. Aubrey Drake Graham, the rap artist who coined “the Six”, Toronto Raptor ambassador, and former Degrassi star. Born in Toronto, ON.


E is for Eaton. Timothy Eaton, founder of Eaton’s department stores, one of the largest Canadian retail businesses. From Toronto, ON.


F is for Fox. Michael J Fox, the actor and comedian who played the epic role of Marty McFly in Back to the Future. Born in Edmonton, AB.

F is for Fox. Terry Fox, the advocate who set out to run across Canada following a leg amputation in an effort to raise funds for cancer research. Born in Winnipeg, MB.


G is for Gosling. Ryan Gosling, the actor who starred alongside Canadian Rachel McAdams in The Notebook and later wowed us as a jazz pianist in La La Land. Born in London, ON.

G is for Gretzky. Wayne Gretzky, Former NHL player and coach known as the “greatest hockey player ever.” Born in Brantford, ON.


H is for Horton. Timothy Horton, an ice hockey legend and the source of your morning double-double. Born in St. Catharines, ON.

H is for Hughes. Clara Hughes, the only olympian to take home medals in both the Winter and Summer games for speed skating and cycling. Born in Winnipeg, MB.


I is for Iginla. Jerome Iginla, an NHL free agent and two-time gold medal Olympian with Team Canada. Born in Edmonton, AB.


J is for Jackson. Joshua Jackson, an actor known for his performance in Dawson's Creek and husband of German actress Diane Kruger. He also owns a Province of Canada tee. Born in Vancouver, BC.


K is for Kaur. Rupi Kaur, the poet, feminist, and spoken word artist who wrote the New York Time’s bestseller Milk and Honey at age 22. From Brampton, ON.


L is for Lightfoot. Gordon Lightfoot, the musician and international folk-rock legend commonly referred to as "Canada’s greatest songwriter." Born in Orillia, ON.


M is for McLuhan. Marshall McLuhan, the philosopher who coined the phrase, “the medium is the message" and predicted the world wide web 30 years prior to its inception. Born in Edmonton, AB.


N is for Nash. Steve Nash, an NBA All-Star who started his own basketball club for youth across British Columbia. From Victoria, BC.


O is for Oh. Sandra Oh, the actress who played the role of Christina Yang on ABC’s television series Grey’s Anatomy and received critical acclaim from the New York Times for her early performance in the Canadian film Double Happiness. Born in Ottawa, ON.


P is for Page. Ellen Page, the actress known for her breakthrough role in Juno. In 2018, she married Bieber's choreographer Emma Portner. Side note: She and Emma own our La Canadienne tees. Born in Halifax, NS.


Q is for Queen. Queen Elizabeth II, the monarch of Canada. We thought she deserved an honourable mention. Born in London, UK.


R is for Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds, the actor who commonly plays superhero roles and husband of actress Blake Lively. Born in Vancouver, BC.

R is for Rogen. Seth Rogen, the comedian with the laugh who has acted and assisted with production in a number of hit comedies, including The Pineapple Express and The Interview. Born in Vancouver, BC.


S is for the Sutherlands. Donald Sutherland is the Saint John, NB born M*A*S*H star and award winning actor set to receive the Academy Honorary Award. His British-Canadian son, Kiefer Sutherland, was inducted into the Canada Walk of Fame for his contributions to cinema.


T is for the Trudeaus. Pierre Trudeau was the 15th Prime Minister of Canada from 1980-1984. His son and our fashion icon, Justin Trudeau, is the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada and has been in-office since November 2015. Pierre was born in Montréal, QC, while Justin was born in Ottawa, ON.


U is for Urry. Lewis Urry, the innovator who created the long-lasting alkaline battery. Born in Pontypool, ON.


V is for Van Horne. William Cornelius Van Horne was a pioneer who was instrumental in the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway. From Montréal, QC.


W is for The Weeknd. Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, the singer with the hair known for his song, "Starboy." Born in Toronto, ON.

W is for Wickenheiser. Hayley Wickenheiser is considered the greatest female hockey player in the world. She led Team Canada to gold at four Olympic Games. Born in Shaunavon, SK.


X is for Xue. Sheng Xue, a Chinese Canadian investigative journalist and human rights activist known for her work uncovering truths about Chinese boat refugees in Macleans.


Y is for Young. Neil Young, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend. From Winnipeg, MB.


Z is for Zeller. Walter Zeller, the founder of the former Canadian retailer, Zellers. Born in Waterloo County, ON.

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