Views from a DJ Who Celebrates the 6

hustleGRL DJing in front of 1500 in Toronto.

A lot of people talk about 'hustling' but very few actually do. Our Canadian friend Karla Moy aka hustleGRL is one of those few. Through her work as a graphic designer and photographer, Karla has rubbed shoulders with some of the most influential people in the music industry; Drake, Lil Wayne and J.Cole just to name a few.

As Moy puts it,“a true hustle never stops, not for a second”. Which brings us to the most recent skill she added to her resume, DJ. Karla has shut down some of the most prestige venues spinning records at Canadian Music Week, Momofuku Toronto, Soho House Toronto and #IceCreamSundays in Los Angeles. In addition to all her success, she has opened up for LeBron James, The Weeknd and just last week, Schoolboy Q.  

Karla throwing up the deuces, wearing the Jersey Tee.

“A true hustle never stops, not for a second.”

Moy at work

With the launch of her DJing career, Karla has released two mixes featuring nothing but music from her hometown, Toronto. New North (Vol. 1) and New North (Vol. 2) have been on high rotation at Province of Canada headquarters. Do your ears a favour and give them a listen.

hustleGRL - New North (Vol. 2)

hustleGRL - New North (Vol. 1)


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