The Perfect Made in Canada T-Shirt

This month, starting with our Monday Tees, we introduced a new unisex t-shirt. It's Made in Canada and cut and sewn with locally knitted, 9 oz organic cotton. We're excited about it for a couple reasons:

A More Streamlined Fit

One of the main comments we received on our previous men's t-shirts, was that they were too boxy. We took that feedback and created a more tailored silhouette. Our new tees are slimmer in the body and the arms.  

Unisex is Good for the Planet

By moving to a unisex fit, we can optimize our manufacturing process, which means less overall waste.

Locally Knit Fabric

Going forward all of our t-shirts will be cut and sewn with locally knitted, organic cotton.

Watch the video above to see the differences between our previous t-shirts and our new design.


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"It doesn't have to look Canadian to be Canadian."

Julie Brown