The Design Canada Documentary

We'd be doing all of Canada a disservice if we didn't share our love for the Design Canada Kickstarter project. Created by Greg Durrell of Hulse&Durrell in Vancouver, Canada and Jessica Edwards and Gary Hustwit of Film First in Brooklyn, New York – Design Canada is the first documentary chronicling the history of Canadian graphic design and how it shaped Canada and its people.

Province of Canada - Design Canada Kickstarter Project

As mentioned in the video above and on the Kickstarter project page, the film tells the story behind some of the most familiar visual design elements in contemporary Canada. They examine symbols like the maple leaf, the CN Rail logo, the CBC logo and many more, to explore how graphic design changed the face of Canada and how it continues to influence us today.

Province of Canada - Design Canada Kickstarter Project

Two Canadian Graphic Designers (one from Québec and one from Ontario) co-founded Province of Canada and growing up they were inspired by everything captured in this documentary. Without the individuals and their timeless work covered in this film, there wouldn't be a Province of Canada. Needless to say, we didn't hesitate to help fund this project and we're asking all our citizens to do the same.

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"It doesn't have to look Canadian to be Canadian."

Julie Brown