The Solair Chair - A Canadian Icon

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You know those round, plastic chairs from motels and pool decks? The colourful, surprisingly comfortable, bowl-shaped chairs with a sleek metal frames? Well, they’re called The Solair Chair and they are made in Canada, and we don't think they get the recognition they deserve. Designed in 1972 by Montreal industrial designers; Fabio Fabiano and Michelange Panzini. This timeless piece of indoor/outdoor furniture has become a staple of the hospitality world, and simultaneously a Canadian icon. solair chair at motelImage from Official Page of the Solair Chair

solair chair at motel

The Made in Canada Motel Chair

The story behind the Solair Chair goes like this — Fabio and Michelange had been recruited to create a chair for the front of motels - the catch was the chair had to have a low production cost and had to withstand Canadian weather conditions. Creating a piece of furniture that will resist the cold temperatures, rain, and summer heat in places like Quebec was not an easy task, but Fabio and Michelange welcomed the challenge and designed the Solair chair over the span of a single weekend. The chairs were originally manufactured by IPL Plastics, using at the time, a new injection moulding plastic technology and steel framing. Due to their low production cost, high durability, and simplistic design the chairs became a fixture for North American motels, pool decks, and outdoor spaces. 

black solair chair on patioImage from Style at Home

Over 50 years later and they are still relevant. Given the recent wave of nostalgic culture, it's no surprise these are popping up all over the place again. The next time you see one outside your motel room, at a cottage or even inside — you can feel a sense of pride knowing that they were designed and manufactured in Canada (just like all of our products).

Solair chairs are still in the spotlight, seen here at The June Motel in Picton, ON.
June Hotel ExteriorImage from IG: @thejunemotel 



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