Made in Canada Travel Essentials

Province of Canada - Made in Canada Travel Essentials

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If there are two good things that come from March, they’re chocolate bunnies and warm getaways. Similar to the emergency hospital bag that waits by the front door during the last trimester of pregnancy, Canadians know all about the winter travel kit. It comes in one of two forms: the prematurely packed suitcase for a long anticipated vacation, or the stuffed duffel bag waiting in your closet for a last minute get(meoutofhere)away.

When you’ve had enough of the flip-flopping weather, it’s time to pull the trigger and board a flight to flip-flop weather. No matter what kind of traveller you are, and no matter where in the world you're travelling, these 10 made in Canada contents from our carry-on should elevate your experience in getting there.

Travel Pillow

Province of Canada - Made in Canada

Photo: Au Lit Fine Linens

Travel Pillow by Au Lit Fine Linens, $145

Au Lit's promise to "change the way you sleep" holds true, no matter where you lay your head. If your flight is more than 4 hours long, we suggest investing in a quality cushion. Scrap that horseshoe neck pillow from the souvenir shop and treat your body with this slice of down luxury.

Indoor Slides

Province of Canada - Viberg Leather - Made in Canada

Photo: Viberg

Charcoal Suede Slides by Viberg, $160

Designer's Note: They can be packed flat for travel and the crepe sole is robust enough to be worn outdoors when needed. Don't be the person who walks around the hotel barefoot.

Beach Blanket

Province of Canada - Cape Throw

Cape Throw Navy by Province of Canada, $148

The beach blanket you didn't know you needed until you realized that you can fully stretch out on it. Unlike a regular towel, this 100% cotton throw doesn't trap sand, and unlike a regular throw, it's washer friendly. 

Denim Jacket

Made in Canada Denim Jacket - Naked and Famous Denim

Photo: Naked and Famous Denim

9oz Antique Selvedge Denim Jacket by Naked and Famous, $168

We're adding this Naked & Famous jacket to the list for no other reason than our obsession with fresh spring vibes. Spring travel is made complete with a crisp warm weather jacket and we're of the thinking that denim can pull any outfit together.


Province of Canada - Opelle Kanye Backpack - Made in Canada

Photo: Opelle

Kanye Backpack by Opelle, $525

Well, we could tell you all about the quality of this made in Toronto backpack, and how it's minimal design is balanced with the function of affording room for a 13" laptop, or we can just leave the description to the name.

Canvas Tote

Province of Canada - Made in Canada

Holiday Tote by Province of Canada, $48

The Holiday Tote is a catch-all canvas that can easily fold and pack away into your carry-on. It makes for a reliable shopping bag at the market or towel bag at the beach.

Dry Shampoo

Province of Canada - Simply Polished

Photo: Simply Polished

Dry Shampoo by Simply Polished, $25

When you're on vacation, no one expects much. Keep it together while keeping it undone and try this all natural dry shampoo from Alberta's own Simply Polished.

Shampoo Bars

Province of Canada - The Unwrapped Life

Photo: The Unwrapped Life

Detoxifier Shampoo + Conditioner by The Unwrapped Life, $35

If dry shampoo isn't your thing, sub shampoo bottles with shampoo bars. It's always best to pack as few liquids as possible while travelling and Calgary's The Unwrapped Life makes it easy with a wide selection of hair bars and travel tin accessories.

Face Mist

Happy Spritz

Photo: Happy Spritz

Namaste Ninja by Happy Spritz, $28

Be it a two-hour or 14-hour flight, recycled air seems to affect us just the same. We swear by this tea tree essential oil. Spray it onto your pillow case, or spritz it at eye-level, walk through it, and breath deep for the most refreshing non-shower shower you'll ever have. It'll feel like chassé-ing into a spa. 

Light Reading

Province of Canada - Made in Canada - Books 2018

Unless you're one of those "I get motion sickness when I read in the car" travellers, you should always carry a book in your bag in the event of a delay or a poor in-flight movie selection. We suggest one of these Canadian authors from our 2018 reading list.

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