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Province of Canada - Maple Magazine

Canada has a long, cumbersome editorial history that first began on the east coast circa 1789. Our first periodical, The Nova Scotia Magazine and Comprehensive Review of Literature lasted three years in circulation. Our first bilingual magazine, Le Magasin de Québec debuted in 1792 and closed operations in 1794. Then came our first fashion magazine, The Canadian Queen, though it only lasted three years in circulation.

Canada's small population made distribution challenging to sustain for early editorial entrepreneurs, and it took time for writers to create an identity for the country they were writing about. Today, Canada's independent magazine repertoire is growing and producing quality content that highlights the best of Canadian culture. We're impressed by these five Canadian publications and their efforts to inform the citizens:

Maple Magazine

Province of Canada - Maple Magazine

Maple consistently creates Canadian editorial with articles dedicated to highlighting a northern, organic lifestyle. Health, wellness, food, and threads tend to be different in Canada, and Maple highlights the nuances that we may not even realize about our country and its citizens.

The Walrus Magazine

Province of Canada - The Walrus MagazineThe Walrus is a registered charity that publishes long-form reports concerning Canadian culture, economics, and politics. Their main focal points are international affairs and Canadian literature. We appreciate their commitment to ‘dissociate this country with the ‘log chomping' of our national animal (and cliché), the beaver’.

Uppercase Magazine

Province of Canada - Uppercase MagazineInspired by design, Uppercase is for the anyone interested in handmade goods. Each issue is a burst of colour that explores various Canadian crafts; sewing, knitting, weaving, embroidering, painting, moulding, and woodworking, just to name a few.

Geist Magazine

Province of Canada - Geist Magazine

Geist is a Vancouver based quarterly publication that has gained attention as one of Canada's more successful literary and cultural magazines. Since 1990, they've gained attention for their annual literary contests and campaigns. Bonus: If you're a writer looking for feedback on your work, Geist staff provide free professional advice.

Incite Magazine

Province of Canada - Incite Magazine

A student-run club at McMaster University is behind Incite's creative arts and writing publications. Find a digital copy online or, if you happen to be in the Hamilton area, pick up a copy from the McMaster Museum.

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