Canada By Mike Myers

Province of Canada - Canada by Mike Myers

Mike Myers has written a book that only a Canadian comedian who no longer lives in Canada could write. It's literal title, Canada, might seem vague but it's the perfect label for Myer's memoir meets history lesson.

Province of Canada - Canada by Mike Myers

It seems appropriate that Mr. Myers' first book celebrates the fact that he's never shied away from being a Canuck. As Penguin Random House's listing of the book states, "American friends have actually accused him of enjoying being Canadian—and he's happy to plead guilty as charged".

If you're Canadian and you read this book, (or even if you just flip through the pages and apologize for not actually reading it), afterwards, you'll enjoy being Canadian even more than you currently do.

"Some might say, 'Why didn't you include this or that?' I say there are 35 million stories waiting to be told in this country, and my book is only one of them." – Mike Myers

Sidenote: Myers and Penguin Random House have also launched a little social media campaign to promote the book and to help celebrate Canada leading up to the 2017 sesquicentennial. All you have to do is share an image on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #MikesCanada

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"It doesn't have to look Canadian to be Canadian."

Julie Brown