Cottage Life x Province of Canada

Cottage Life Lead

For their 35th anniversary, we've collaborated with Cottage Life on a collection inspired by the early years of the magazine. We dove into their archives and created pieces that are a modern take on the summer of '88.

Cottage Life stack

Cottage Country

You haven't hit true Cottage mode until you find yourself with your feet up, in made in Canada sweatpants, flipping through an issue of Cottage Life Magazine. We don't make the cottage rules, that's just what it is.

wide pair

Caught a vibe.

Cottage Life began as a magazine in 1988 by a first-time cottage owner who, upon discovering there was no publication dedicated to cottagers, saw an opportunity to capture the vibe. We love a good vibe check. 

cottage life half-zip forest green sweatshirt

“I wish I was at the cottage.”

– Said by every Canadian, everywhere. 
Cottage Tour LS

It's the summer of '88

And we're going on a road trip. We've called it the "Cottage" Tour which might be a bit controversial depending on what your crew calls their favourite summer recreation house. Cottage, Cabin, Camp, Country House? It's one of Canada's great dock debates. 

Cottage Tour LS Back the cottage candle

The smell of the place you'd rather be.

There's something very Canadian about a candle. There's something even more Canadian about a candle when it's hand poured in Canada. Our natural, non-GMO soy wax candles have a 60 hour burn time and a 15 foot scent throw. 

cottage life tee pair

“Is a cottage even a cottage if it doesn't have a stack of Cottage Life magazines? The same could be said about our made in Canada sweatsuits.”

- Jeremy Watt, Co-Founder

half-zip with magazine stack cottage life grey suit



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"It doesn't have to look Canadian to be Canadian."

Julie Brown