Province of Canada - Canada Banana - Made in Canada

Ok, it's not a banana.

But you should think of it as a banana. Instead of plastic, this bag is made with Certified Compostable plant based film. This means you can treat it like a banana and compost it after use. Throw it in your green bin, home compost or find a local compost drop off in your neighbourhood. Let’s save the planet one banana (bag) at a time. Canada Banana!

“We had our cause, we invested in new packaging but we needed a slogan — an easy way to spread the word and get Canadians to help us change composting collection across Canada. Canada Banana, kinda says it all.” — Julie Brown, Co-Founder

Here’s the part where
we need your help.

Many residential compost collection programs across Canada do not currently accept Certified Compostable materials. If you’re located in an area that doesn’t, we’ve composed a letter to send to your local council to help improve composting systems in your town or city.

Province of Canada - Canada Banana - Made in Canada

Compostable vs Biodegradable

There have been several advancements in compostable consumer packaging recently. 100% plant based films are becoming more common which is allowing companies to create Certified Compostable packaging. This type of packaging is different than plastic products that are only labelled as biodegradable. Many biodegradable products are still made with plastic but have additives that make them break down into micro-plastics faster. Meaning, they are still harmful to the environment and are not compostable.

To distinguish and educate the public on these products, similar to the Recycling Symbol introduced in 1970, the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) has developed the below logo which is recognized across North America. This helps consumers know which products are Certified Compostable and which are not.

Since switching to our compostable mailers in 2018,
over 10,000 less plastic bags go out each year.

Everyday we strive to reduce our environmental footprint. As a small, made in Canada company, we've always relied on the fact that we produce locally and in micro batches to do our part as an eco-conscious brand. This reduces waste and helps eliminate international imports and exports, significantly reducing our carbon footprint and allows us to know exactly how our products are being produced.


Canada Banana - Province of Canada - Made in Canada