Canadian Covers: Love Yourself

Province of Canada - Sean and Ryan Canadian Covers

Province of Canada - Canadian Covers

This year, we launched a series of music videos that we call our Canadian Covers. At Province of Canada, we like to keep it made in Canada, so we took to the studio and recorded talented Canadians covering other talented Canadians. For us, this meant highlighting our good friends as they performed acoustic covers of Canadian icons Drake, The Tragically Hip, Justin Bieber, Joni Mitchell, Sean Mendes, and Leonard Cohen in our studio. What started as a cozy jam session with friends quickly turned into a handful of all-Canadian acoustic covers.

We've now introduced Katie Fuentes with her acoustic cover of Drake's One Dance and Nathaniel Snow's unique rendition of The Hip's Wheat Kings. May's feature artists are friends Sean Dutton and Ryan Tavares, a  duo that occasionally jams, performs, and writes songs together. They stopped by our studio to show us their cover of Justin Bieber's Love Yourself.

Sean and Ryan grew up together in Cambridge, Ontario and have worked together in various music groups at church, youth events, summer camps, and their own (unofficial) three-man band. Ryan is often found trying out different effects on the electric guitar or recording, producing, and sound editing in-studio. AKA the guy you go to if you have a complicated, music-related question. Side note: He mixed each of these live covers. Sean's likely the guy on-stage bouncing between lead vocals, keyboard, acoustic, and his home base, the kit. On the margin of his experience leading groups is his interest in song writing.

Combined, Sean and Ryan have an impressive history of creating, but most of the time, they're just two Canadian guys who live for summer days waterskiing on Lake Simcoe and riding rollercoasters. Follow Ryan and Sean on Instagram, watch their live performance below, and hit that thumbs up button.

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