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Father's Day is less than two weeks away. Don't worry if you forgot because dad probably did, too. Plus, there's nothing a Dad Crewneck can't solve. There are many ways to assemble the Canadian dad starter pack, but to us, this one is fail-proof around Father's Day.  We're highlighting some gift insurance that will make shopping for him even easier than it already is.

1. Dad Crewneck

$108 from Province of Canada | Use code DadMom20 for 20% off

It’s literal because dad’s a literal guy. He'll wear that title like a badge of honour.

2. Box of Doughnuts

$46 per dozen from Glory Hole Doughnuts | 15% off with the purchase of a Province of Canada Dad Crewneck

What’s with Canadians and fried dough? 

3. Tile Tracker

$20 from Amazon

If your dad is like ours, he’s probably prone to misplacing things. Gift him a tile to track his wallet, keys, or kid.

4. New Specs

$300 from Fellow Earthlings

These made in Canada glasses will shout out dad's hipster past and pair well with his OG New Balance sneakers.

5. Heritage Coffee Blend

$19 from Pilot Coffee Roasters

A necessary accompaniment for those doughnuts.

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"It doesn't have to look Canadian to be Canadian."

Julie Brown