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Province of Canada - Made in Canada - Home - Julie BrownMy passion for textiles began at a young age. I can remember anytime I was home from school, my mom would cover me with a cotton quilt while I snuggled on the couch watching Young and the Restless. I loved how the pure cotton blanket felt — cool and warm, all at the same time.

My love affair with home didn’t end on that couch. I started my career in home as a designer at Au Lit Fine Linens, working alongside the founder, Peggy Byron and her daughter and CEO Joanna Goodman. I spent 8 years learning about fabrics and developing and buying home products. The three of us had a deep passion for home and they generously shared their years of knowledge with me. They took that girl on the couch with a quilt and put her to bed with egyptian cotton. I've been sleeping better ever since.   

After Au Lit, I spent a summer working with House & Home Magazine and then went on to create Province of Canada with my partner and husband Jeremy Watt.

When we started dreaming up this lifestyle brand, we always intended to include home products, but we wanted to do it right. To us, that meant finding great manufacturing partners in Canada and designing products that not only looked great but also felt great. 

With that in mind, we knew we had to focus on the details. Each pattern is designed in-house, and woven and sewn in Canada with 100% American cotton. That thick, beautiful cotton manages to recreate the same indescribable feeling I used to get from my quilt. The cushions were no exception, we chose to use feather inserts so they sit and feel just right. 

Much like your favourite pair of sweatpants, I believe people want comfortable, well-made home products that they can curl up with. That's why we've created this line. We spent a lot of time thinking about what our customers would appreciate and every conversation came back to that girl on the couch wrapped in the quilt. She didn't realize it at the time, but the simplicity and quality of that cotton quilt is why she felt so at home.

Julie Brown

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"It doesn't have to look Canadian to be Canadian."

Julie Brown