HandsandHustle.com – November 2015

Our co-founder, Jeremy Watt sat down with Sabrina Smelko of HandsandHustle.com. The Q&A gives some insight into our back story and daily life at Province of Canada HQ. Read the full interview at HandsandHustle.com.

Since last year, I’ve been following the made-in-Canada lifestyle brand Province of Canada. I may be biased as a Canuck, but there’s something quintessentially comforting and familiar about their product line, but yet it still maintains a high-quality, culturally relevant vibe and aesthetic. And for just about as long as I’ve followed them, I’ve been email-chatting back and forth with Jeremy Watt, the Co-Founder, about their start and what POC is all about, including some banter about Instagram, manufacturing, and Drake.

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"It doesn't have to look Canadian to be Canadian."

Julie Brown