Secret Canadian Swimming Holes

Canadians want nothing more than clear blue waters to float around in on a summer afternoon. There are pockets around our country where you can find hidden caves and riverside pools to do just this. What makes these seven swimming holes even better is their whimsical level of exclusivity - you only know about them if someone tells you about them. Test them out and let us known if they live up to the hype.

The Grotto, Tobermory, ON

Province of Canada - Tobermory Grotto@kirklandhalliday

All of Ontario knows about this place and for good reason. There are few places in Canada with these Caribbean-esque waters.

Chedoke Falls, Hamilton, ON

Province of Canada - Chedoke Falls@meandthegreatoutdoors

You'll have to climb boulders and carve your way through a rocky stream to get there, but this pool at the bottom of this mountain waterfall makes for the perfect swimming grotto.

Elora Quarry, Elora, ON

Province of Canada - Elora Quarry@the_belgradian

One of Ontario's greatest not-so-secret swimming holes is the quarry. It might attract a crowd, but there's enough space for everyone.

Lussier Hot Springs, Whiteswan Lake, BC

Province of Canada - Lussier Hot Springs@nebced

Lussier Hot Springs is nature's spa. Quite a few people come here to warm up in the hot springs at river's edge.

Myra Falls, Strathcona Park, BC

Province of Canada - Myra Falls BC@hbguimaraes

The summer hangout of your dreams is a quick hike through Strathcona Park and rests at the precipice of Myra Falls. The view is an added bonus to the layers of pools you'll find here.

Horseshoe Lake, Jasper, AB

Province of Canada - Horseshoe Lake AB@jennaventura

Most people come here for the cliff jumping, others just float around inside the quiet forest surrounding. This would be our first pick.

Wallingford Back-Mine, Mulgrave-et-Derry, QC

Province of Canada - Wallingford Back-Mine QC@emzbragg

It's not a movie set, but it was once the largest mine in North America. After closing operations in the 70's, miners left behind a hollow cave filled with clear turquoise water.

Little Manitou Lake, Saskatoon, SK

Province of Canada - Little Manitou LakeMind42

Keep it buoyant here. Also known as 'the Canadian Dead Sea', this lake's salt density is three times greater than that of the ocean.

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