Province of Canada x The Salvation Army

Province of Canada - Ontario Camping Ministries Salvation Army

We collaborated with The Salvation Army's Ontario Camping Ministries team to create custom made in Canada hoodies for their summer staff. Many may not know that The Salvation Army operates summer camps across Canada and sponsors kids from low-income households to attend. In Ontario, The Salvation Army has a camp on Lake Simcoe and in Muskoka where 150 staff welcome 2000+ children every summer. When their leadership team reached out to us, they expressed a desire to offer their employees - most of which are high school students - a quality hoodie that captures the spirit of Ontario's outdoors. Together, we came up with heather grey and black, and red and white fleece hoodies that display their branding in raised puff print alongside our Province of Canada labels. The finishing touch was our Province of Canada patch on the hood. We think of it as our scouts badge equivalent or a literal made in Canada stamp of approval.

Province of Canada - Ontario Camping Ministries - Salvation Army Collaboration

'Made in Canada'

We admire The Salvation Army for their emphasis on strengthening both local and global communities, but it was really cool to see a charitable organization's social consciousness filter down to the little (but important) details. Their decision to support local business and keep everything designed and manufactured in Canada reflects the values of a socially conscious organization. We're always proud to include 'Made in Canada' on our garment labels because to us, it's not just a catchphrase. To us, making things in Canada means supporting a Canadian industry that needs the support, and ensuring our products are made in facilities with the highest ethical standards.

Province of Canada - Ontario Camping Ministries - Salvation Army

Let's Collaborate

These hoodies are for their staff only; however, if you're interested in dressing your team in authentically Canadian gear, feel free to reach out to us for more information about our custom programWe can help you create branded, made in Canada apparel or home products for your company. We've worked with summer camps, gyms, new startups, and brewing companies, and are happy to talk about a product collaboration. If you have a cool idea for a 'not-so' corporate gift that you need to impress your boss with, let us know what you have in mind and we'll make it happen.

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"It doesn't have to look Canadian to be Canadian."

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