Not-So Sh*tty Watercolours

Province of Canada - Shitty Watercolour Leslieville

In a time when everyone is obsessed with listing what sparks joy in their lives, it's ironic that sh*tty watercolours of our favourite Toronto neighbourhood is on our list.

Launched backed in December, the Instagram account 'Sh*tty Watercolour Leslieville' (@shitty_watercolour_leslieville) is exactly what it says it is, a series of not-so great watercolours of Leslieville, Toronto. But here's the thing, they're actually not sh*tty at all. The whimsical, 'take it or leave it' style of the paintings are a welcomed change of pace from an Instagram driven world that is always striving for perfection.

The world isn't perfect, Instagram isn't perfect and these sh*tty watercolours are far from perfect – and that's why we love them. Thank you Sh*tty Watercolour Leslieville for sparking an imperfect joy in our lives.

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"It doesn't have to look Canadian to be Canadian."

Julie Brown