Gift Wrap Now Available

Province of Canada - Gift Wrap

We just launched our new, recyclable packaging and a handful of citizens have asked if we could make it available as gift wrap. We thought that was a decent idea going into the most socially conscious season of the year.

Our gift wrap is made with 40% post-consumer repurposed paper and is 100% recyclable and compostable. Once you're done with it, throw it in your blue bin or backyard compost. If it doesn't make it there, you don't have to worry about it being on our planet forever (it would only take about three months to break down).

What's Included
  • Gift Wrap / Bag - 16" x 22" x 4"
  • Tri-Colour Gummed Tape - 3" x 8"

Every Province of Canada order arrives in this packaging, but it doesn't always look as good after it's gone through the post office as it does when Santa delivers it. Use it to re-wrap your order, or use it for any other wrapping you have to do.  


Put gifts in the bag, peel off the white paper, and seal the bag. Wet the back of our tri-colour gummed tape and adhere to the bag for a finishing touch.

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"It doesn't have to look Canadian to be Canadian."

Julie Brown