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Province of Canada - Made in Canada - Designing Stripes

Whether it's choosing a shade of grey from the Pantone chart or drawing out a stripe pattern (it's more complicated than lines on a page), there are many design decisions that go on behind the scenes when it comes to creating made in Canada Stripe Lightweight Crewnecks from scratch. These choices - as trivial as they may seem when you're debating the width of a stripe - eventually accumulate and affect the overall effect of a piece. We believe that the reason our crewnecks feel elevated is because we opt to customize and tweak each and every element of the design.

Province of Canada - Made in Canada Stripe Crewneck

When given the choice between silk screening or puff printing the logo on the Province Stripe Crewneck in Heather Grey, it was a no-brainer; a raised puff print feels and looks more substantial. Same goes for the Stripe Crewnecks in Heather Grey and Camel. The decision to embroider our logo on the wrist instead of slapping a patch on the arm seemed like the more sophisticated move. 

Province of Canada - Stripe Crewneck - Made in Canada

After approving the woven fabric and testing sample sizes to find the right fit, the cutting and sewing process commenced. What began as initial conversations from the team that went to the tune of 'stripes are a vibe...let's make stripes', eventually became a collection of three lightweight stripe styles. We call them the perfect hybrid between a crewneck sweater and a long-sleeve t-shirt. In our country, layers are necessary in every season, so not only was it important to us that these were made in Canada, but we were also intentional about making them for Canada.

Province of Canada - Stripe Crewneck - Made in Canada

When we launched our collection of tightly curated stripes, we boasted on the fact that they were 100% cotton and 100% designed, woven, cut, and sewn in Canada. To us, this promise is more than a 'made local' flex; it guarantees a quality, thoughtfully customized garment that - even though it's made in Canada - doesn't look like the stereotypical Canada we often see in the fashion industry.


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"It doesn't have to look Canadian to be Canadian."

Julie Brown