Canadian Covers: Wheat Kings

Province of Canada - Nathaniel Snow

Province of Canada - Canadian Covers - Nathaniel Snow - Wheat Kings by The Tragically Hip

We recently launched a series of music videos that we call our Canadian Covers. At Province of Canada, we like to keep it made in Canada, so we took to the studio and recorded talented Canadians covering other talented Canadians. For us, this meant highlighting our good friends as they performed acoustic covers of Canadian icons Drake, The Tragically Hip, Justin Bieber, Joni Mitchell, Sean Mendes, and Leonard Cohen in our studio. What started as a cozy jam session with friends quickly turned into a handful of all-Canadian acoustic covers.

In March, we introduced you to Katie Fuentes with an acoustic cover of Drake's One Dance. April's feature artist is Nathaniel Snow, an 18-year-old singer and songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. Inspired by the likes of John Mayer, which, upon hearing the cover should come as no surprise, Nathaniel continues to sing as a hobby musician taking part in church music groups, performing for high school musical productions, and writing his own pieces on the side.

My grandparents are from Gaspé, Québec, a small town with zero traffic. It's a place where everyone knows each other; my favourite place.

Nathaniel grew up in front of the microphone and has early memories performing the national anthem for Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne's annual Canada Day picnic. Think of the Canadian equivalent of Mason Ramsey circa 2013. We had Nathaniel into our studio to perform what we believe to be Canada's alternative anthem, Wheat Kings by The Tragically Hip. When we started this project, we knew we had to include The Hip as part of our series and after hearing Nathaniel's vocal style, we knew the pairing was right. The road to covering Wheat Kings really didn't take long, considering he hadn't sung the piece until the night before recording. Despite the crunch for time, we're confident in saying that he perfectly executed a perfect arrangement. Check out his music platform and give his Canadian Cover a listen below. Rest in peace, Gord Downie.



Province of Canada - Wheat Kings - The Tragically Hip

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