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Province of Canada - Canadian Covers - Katie Fuentes

Province of Canada - Katie Fuentes

Katie Fuentes PolaroidWe recently launched a series of music videos that we call our Canadian Covers. At Province of Canada, we like to keep it made in Canada, so we took to the studio and recorded talented Canadians covering other talented Canadians. For us, this meant highlighting our good friends as they performed acoustic covers of Canadian icons Drake, The Tragically Hip, Justin Bieber, Joni Mitchell, Sean Mendes, and Leonard Cohen in our studio. What started as a cozy jam session with friends quickly turned into a handful of all-Canadian acoustic covers.

The first artist up is Katie Fuentes, a singer and songwriter from Keswick, Ontario. Growing up on Lake Simcoe, the Canadian country music scene was the soundtrack to Katie's teen years. Her first singing gig was with a cowboy boot-clad girl band where she sang and played bass at a high school Relay for Life event. She has since gone on to study music at Trinity Western University in BC - which she affectionately refers to as her favourite place in Canada - and now finds herself in a music program at Hillsong College in Australia.

Aside from the obvious desire to collab with Drake, if given the chance, Katie would love to perform 'Scars to Your Beautiful' with Alessia Cara; a Canadian duet we're holding out hope for. The best way to describe Katie's voice would be to equate it with caramel. If you can't picture that, imagine the perfect powerhouse hybrid between Martina and Adele, or just listen to her cover of Drake's 'One Dance'. We first heard this cover via Instagram and knew we had to share it in-full with the citizens. Add this to your afternoon work playlist (we did) and follow Katie for the occasional singing clip. Watch our first Canadian Cover below.
Province of Canada - Drake - One Dance

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