Touring Canada House

Province of Canada - Canada House LobbyPhoto: Stantec

In a deep Wikipedia search, we found Canada House, a Canadian outpost located in London, England's Trafalgar Square that we didn’t know existed. In light of Canada 150 celebrations coming to a close, we wanted to feature a piece of Canada that - much like our brand - “pays homage to our history while looking forward to a fashionable future.” We're taking you on a visual tour through what we believe to be one of Canada's greatest, hidden design treasures.

Province of Canada - Canada House Historic PhotoPhoto: Wikipedia

Following a dramatic redesign of the building’s interior, The Canada House reopened to the public in 2015. What was nothing more than a semi-abandoned government building in one of the world’s most trafficked tourist areas is now a vibrant space inspired by Canada's Prime Ministers, provinces, and territories.

Designer Gordon Campbell managed to restore original staircases and crown molding while carefully curating a selection of modern furnishings, including custom carpets, contemporary paintings, and avant-garde lighting fixtures. We suggest they eventually add a made in Canada 'Province of Canada Lounge' at some point.

The British Columbia Room

Province of Canada - BC Room Canada HousePhoto: Wikipedia

The Manitoba Room

Province of Canada - Manitoba Room Canada HousePhoto: Wikipedia

The Ontario Room

Province of Canada - Ontario Room Canada HousePhoto: Wikipedia

The Nova Scotia Room

Province of Canada - Nova Scotia Room Canada HousePhoto: Creative Matters

The Quebec Room

Province of Canada - Quebec Room Canada HousePhoto: Stantec

The P.E.I Room

Province of Canada - PEI Room Canada HousePhoto: Huffington Post

The Northwest Territories Room

Province of Canada - NWT Room Canada HousePhoto: Huffington Post

The Alberta Room

Province of Canada - Alberta Room Canada HousePhoto: Billie Rae Bubsy Paintings

The MacDonald Room

Province of Canada - MacDonald Room Canada HousePhoto: Creative Matters

The Laurier Room

Province of Canada - Laurier Room Canada HousePhoto: Billie Rae Bubsy Paintings

The Mackenzie King Room

Province of Canada - Mackenzie King Room Canada HousePhoto: Wikipedia

The Canada Gallery

Province of Canada - Canada House GalleryPhoto: Stantec

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