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Today we want to shine a spotlight on the Cabot Collection golf destinations, founded by Canadian, Ben Cowan-Dewar. Cabot started off as Canada’s first and only authentic links golf course, and has expanded into 5 luxury golf courses in multiple countries. The Cabot Collection includes; Cabot Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Cabot Saint Lucia, Caribbean, Cabot Revelstoke, British Columbia, Cabot Citrus Farms, Florida, and Cabot Highlands, Scotland. From what started off as a small Canadian dream, Cabot has gained global acclaim and is recognized as one of the leaders in golf resorts. You can’t talk about golf in Canada without mentioning the Cabot brand.

Cabot’s story started in 2011, when Ben along with business partner Mike Keiser, transformed a former mining town on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia into the ultimate Canadian golf destination. From there they opened a second neighbouring course in Cape Breton just four years later. Cowan-Dewar has become an expert in finding unique opportunities in hidden gem type locations that provide something special for golf. Through their smart and intentional expansions, Cowan-Dewar and his team have made the Cabot name synonymous with luxury golf. They don't seek to rapidly expand the Cabot brand, but rather cease unique growth opportunities when they arise, such as Cabot Saint Lucia.

Speaking of Cabot Saint Lucia, our Custom Dept. recently teamed up with Cabot on a made in Canada tote, embroidered with the Cabot Saint Lucia Turtle logo. They reached out to us to help them create a purposeful gift for special visitors travelling to the island — the heavy weight canvas tote was the end result.

Cabot tote bag

And we can’t talk about golf this week without mentioning and congratulating Nick Taylor. Last weekend at the Canadian Open, Nick Taylor became the first Canadian since 1954 to win the Canadian Open by making a 72-foot putt, in what can only be described as the putt of a lifetime. Congratulations to Nick and his team. 

There’s an exciting future ahead for Canadian Golf and we’re game.



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