5 Jars For Every Canadian's Pantry

Province of Canada - Pantry

It’s no secret that made in Canada products taste better and feel better. The resemblance between the quality of refined preserves and the quality of made in Canada apparel is uncanny (lol). Who knew a crewneck from our closet and a jar from our pantry could be so alike? We found five small batch brands across the country with sticky sounding names that source local, homegrown ingredients, and we think you should know about them. Check out our top recommendations for locally produced maple syrup, honey, mustard, pickles, and jam.

Drip - Toronto, ON

Province of Canada - Drip Maple Syrup

Images: Drip Maple

Drip carries a tight selection of pure Canadian maple syrup. We're not surprised that they keeps a stock alert on their website. After all, Canada is the top maple supplier for the world. Be sure to secure your bottle of blonde, copper, or amber before tapping season ends.

Drizzle - Calgary, AB

Province of Canada - Drizzle Honey

Image: Drizzle

These hive connoisseurs sell a collection of raw, seasonal honey and honeycomb. We like hearing that all products are harvested through their own sustainable beekeeping projects in Canada's West. Package it together with a honey dopper to achieve the expert drizzle technique or to receive 'best gifter' status this Christmas.

Smak Dab - Winnipeg, MB

Province of Canada - Smak Dab Mustard

Image: Smak Dab

What started as a small project in the prairies soon erupted as a popular mustard supplier for markets across Canada. Candied pecans in a mustard marinade sounds suspicious, but Smak Dab is convincing us otherwise. Peep their blog for suggested gifts for every type of foodie on your list.

Crown Pickle - Montréal, QC

Province of Canada - Crown Pickle Preserves

Images: Crown Pickle

Crown Pickle is a preserve label offering a micro selection of preserved pickles and ketchup. There are only three ingredients needed for this company: cucumbers, tomatoes, and cool artwork.

Kitten and the Bear - Toronto, ON

Province of Canada - Kitten and the Bear

Image: Kitten and the Bear

Scrolling through Kitten and the Bear's blog is like taking a look into the rabbit hole where the Queen of Heart's high tea meets the best of made in Canada, limited batch confiture. You can't go wrong purchasing a jar of jam with a name like 'Damson Plum and Earl Grey.'

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