Canada's North Pole

Province of Canada - Sea LegacyPhoto: Paul Nicklen | Lancaster Sound, NU

Did you know that the North Pole is a real place and that Canada has territorial claims to it? Equally as magical and mysterious as the fictional North Pole that we abandoned with our childhood is the wildlife and ice formations in Canada's north. What separates Santa's North Pole from Canada's is the reality that our world's unstable climate compromises the perma-winter state of these regions. Given the recent news that has trickled our way regarding land preservation, we've have some thoughts about what it really means to believe in the North Pole. 

As global temperatures continue to rise, arctic sea ice continues to thaw. Since northern wildlife and Indigenous communities depend on this ice to travel and hunt, many are forced to remain static and, in effect may starve. In the true spirit of giving, we've listed our top recommendations for small actions any citizen can do to show our land a little love this Christmas.

1. Plan for a new kind of resolution

January is for kicking bad habits. In the wake of your new diet and exercise regime, challenge yourself to ride share more often.

2. Cut back on take-out

We get it, lunch to-go is easier. Encourage a friend to pack a lunch and gift them this sleek, reusable, made in Canada lunchbox.

3. Opt for candle lighting

There's nothing cozier than a candlelit games night, even if the tree is unplugged. If you find yourself bored by 9 pm, go to bed early and thank us in the morning.

4. Test out a reverse advent calendar

Instead of collecting the prize for yourself, get the family to drop cash into a pot for the month of December and make a donation to a credible charity together.

5. Grocery shop locally

Greenhouse gas emissions are commonly attributed to food transportation. Make it a lifestyle choice to shop at a local market when prepping for holiday dinner parties.

Province of Canada - Sea Legacy NunavutPhoto: SeaLegacy

Province of Canada - Sea LegacyPhoto: SeaLegacy | Hudson Straight, NU

Province of Canada - Canada's North PolePhoto: Juha Lakaniemi

"Movements change how we see the world. What was marginalized or uncommon becomes honoured and respected." - SeaLegacy